Challenging the Status Quo

March 23, 2011

Theta Delta Sigma

Theta Delta Sigma

by Theta Delta Sigma Society, Inc.

Theta Delta Sigma Society Incorporated was recently chartered to Slippery Rock University by eight individuals aspiring to create change in the spring of 2010. The eight chartering members of Theta had a rare vision to celebrate diversity in a Western Pennsylvania atmosphere that is now beginning to be inundated in culture.

Theta, as we are commonly known, is a co-ed multicultural fraternal organization. Like any organization, its members came together because of a common passion, though this passion is more of a lifestyle because of ideals they uphold and exemplify in their daily activity. Theta’s goal is to provide minority awareness and promote diversity in the community by providing educational events on a broad range of topics and being active community members by doing service projects. Eventually expanding to larger venues until the world becomes less ignorant.

Theta Delta Sigma has created a new avenue for students seeking Greek life at Slippery Rock by providing a choice other than traditional fraternities and sororities. Theta Delta Sigma is the only multicultural Greek organization as well as the only co-ed organization among social Fraternities. If you seek to join a transcendent siblinghood that demonstrates solidarity, consider joining the wolf pack.


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